Friday, December 12, 2003

In other news re: stupidity, last night's episode of Survivor...


It quite had my heart racing at tribal council, because the formidable Burton-Jon tandem was finally broken, though in truth it should've been monkeyed out at two tribal councils prior (and that's a conservative estimate). Seeing Burton's face when he saw the second vote against him was pure sweet music, and ladies and gents, we now have the first Survivor player to ever have been voted out twice! (I hope Lil becomes the second, though; more on that in a bit.) Almost as satisfying was seeing Rupert, RyanO. et al openly high-fiving at the ouster.

Now then, brief comments on the remaining tools and fools:

Lill -- she's completely useless other than as a vote. Though she did initiate in part the Darrah-Sandra-Lil mini-alliance by approaching the other two and telling them straight that the BJ Connection were aiming at D... Grave doubts continue to dog my principles about her making to the final three, since the only reason she's been around so long in this her second chance is her docility. And I'll never forgive her for leaving Rupert out to dry.

Sandra -- real grown up about dumping the fish and hiding the knives, spears, etc. Even as the Anti-Jon, I can't build up much sympathy for her.


Darrah -- what does it say about this season where, down to the final four, the one I want most to win is completely devoid of personality? Then again, she does have a hot body, i.e. GO DARRAH GO. Seriously, winning three immunities in a row over no less a stud than Burton (though in the first case, it was in large part to mistakes by Burton (and later, Christa)) is impressive, and that'll be my honorable and official reason for Wanting D To Win™.

As for the aftermath, Jon will be hard at work trying to turn Lil back, and then possibly Darrah (who while being in the driver's seat right now because of how she relates to the other folks, is still a marked duck having won so many immunities). Sandra would be his utterly last ditch effort given their obvious enmity. Assuming that Lil does not break down and continues to vote with the girls, she has as good a chance at getting to the final two as Sandra and Darrah, given the history of past Survivors and middle-aged women making it in the last endurance challenge.

However, if Jon wins the next immunity, Lil could very well be gone, since I doubt Sandra has bones about kicking out nice-lady, and Darrah apparently (because you can't really tell past her vapid eyes and inflectionless voice) has Eyes On The Prize and won't let Lil get in the way. D was also part of the group that ostracized and excluded Lil, don't forget.

Final two breakdown

Jon more or less has no way of winning, unless the jury sees how useless and lucky Lil has been (e.g. the Coattails Argument).

Darrah has a decent chance, since as it stands right now, there are three ex-Morgans, and depending on her opponent, a split among the rest of the jury.

Sandra has ex-Drake (Rupert and Christa -- though probably not Burton) voting for her, though Christa might (not a high probability, but still) be burning from Sandra's vote against her. Her outspokenness is a strike against her for the ex-Morgans, though.

Out of pure resentment, ex-Morgan probably won't vote for Lil. Rupert is likely to be mad at her still. That's four out of seven against her already.

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