Sunday, December 07, 2003

My timing's a little late here, but Why I hate nu-West Wing:
In the last episode I ever saw (with bald Korean pianist), CJ feels it necessary for her to lecture POTUS on the founding principle of the US (in this case, "freedom"). Remember now, POTUS hold a doctorate from the London School of Economics and is a American historical trivia pedant. Here then the underlying issue: these are not the same characters that we all knew and loved from the Sorkin regime, and what we have in lieu today are shadows and ghosts of the past dumbing the themes down so that the audience knows for damn well sure that "America was founded on freedom." I cry betrayal. (I'm pretty sure others have made this point already.)

Also, from the first four episodes of this season, there seemed a heavier reliance on directorial pizzazz -- highly conspicuous because the direction in the prior administration called much less attention to itself in order to let the dialogue be the primary stylistic focus. Now, my betrayed gut feeling is that more flashy direction is meant to make up for dud dialogue.

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