Wednesday, December 17, 2003

An unconfirmed list for Survivor: All-Star courtesy of via here:

Richard (1)
Rudy (1)
Susan (1)
Jenna L. (1)
Tina (2)
Colby (2)
Amber (2)
Alicia (2)
Jerri (2)
Ethan (3)
Lex (3)
Tom (3)
Kathy (4)
Rob M. (4)
Shii Ann (5)
Jenna M. (6)
Rob C. (6)
Rupert (7)

A lot more villains than I thought, but then I'm a wide-eyed naif. Glad to see Rupert get a second shot since I wasn't sure about his eligibility. Amber, Shii Ann and Ethan were boring, I hate Susan, Rich, Tom, Tina and Jenna M. Rooting for Rudy, Kathy & Rupert.

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