Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I don't have any idea yet why reality shows move me to make a blog entry after every single episode as opposed to produced shows, which I'm more likely to talk about more generally as a series rather than on a show-by-show basis. Whatever. I'm itching to get started on the latest America's Next Top Model.

Shandi -- mein gott she's skinny, but still, you know, EMO GLASSES. AND TYRA TOOK THEM AWAY OMG. I'm able to sleep at night telling myself that the EMO GLASSES aren't compatible with fashion/glamour. But Shandi improved mightily afterwards (I'm afraid to consider what this symbolically suggests about EMO GLASSES) even in spite of what I thought was initially a dull hair makeover (blonder, but hanging over her face like a hood equals not so hot (which evokes the entire Tyra: "Heather, we're going to make you blonder" Heather: [stunned silence] bit -- pure gold)) BUT BUT BUT when she pulled it back into a bun I nearly did a double take I didn't recognize her damn she can look foine -- and of course, the fainting spell -- a confident photo shoot, plus got props from the judges on her gothy makeup and she's beginning to roll hoorah!

About the fainting, two things: first, it's disappointing that the main reason that Shandi got the face time with the camera was because of her collapse. Second, the actual "crisis" never worried me because the primary footage (i.e. when we actually saw her on the floor) was not hysterical, just mutedly concerned. Having people relate after the fact how scary it was without backing it up with primary footage totally sucked any dramatic tension out of the moment. (Take heed, aspiring writers!)

Heather & Catie. They were/are at severe disadvantages due to their youth and its concurrent immaturity. Heather for allying herself with whoever offered her attention (first Yoanna, then Catie), and Catie for her attention-seeking (though she impressed me when she swallowed her fear of heights and went through with that shoot). Nonetheless, Catie, who has fallen quite a bit (while Shandi's stock seems to be rising), may be on thin ice, since Tyra made her sweat it out on the chopping block for so long during Tribal Council, my guess as a warning about her petulance. (cf. her boyish new 'do -- someone direct her to this site because OMG THIS STYLE IS MOST POPULAR OF RIGHT NOW!!!! WHY YOU ASK, BECAUSE OF CUTE!) I'm also not going to let Heather's condemnation of Yoanna affect what I think of Yoanna. Like I said, she mistook Yoanna's niceness for genuine friendship.

Best new haircut? Yoanna's, hands down. When Jay said the word "mohawk" I was all, "Wuhoh!" Fast forward past images of Mr. T, to her new crest and she's sizzling. Personality-wise, she's shown her maternal side, and at the same time her nutritional knowledge -- always RROWR-sexy in my estimation.

Camille -- I hate to say it, but out of all the ladies she and her divaness got the most visible desire to actually be a big time model.

Mercedes is growing on me exponentially, though her new hair I don't find edgy. It's just humongous.

April is sort of Shandi-lite in the uncertain body-image tomboyish mold. Echoes of Elyse (took me a while to mention Elyse).

The rest of the girls: you bore me.

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