Friday, January 09, 2004

I figure I should says a few words about The Apprentice. Obviously, with Mark "Survivor" Burnett producing it, the format and presentation were bound to be quality, and last night's episode definitely was. Many of the contestants had their personalities painted vividly in just 90 minutes, especially that loserfreakbrown-noser Sam, whose plea to Trump where he showed off his knowledge of the Trump family tree makes me want to kill. And he said he wanted to "get to know Trump... in the back of a limo."

As mental and sycophantic as he is, he did hit upon the strategy that ultimately won the challenge, though there is a possibility that he was coming up with so many half-baked schemes that it was just a matter of odds and time that he'd stumble on the sex-sells idea. (Probably not because he's probably not completely stupid, but I hate him and don't want to give with the benefit of the doubt.)

But whatever, the girls are hot, specifically Ereka (who looks to be out fairly early since she isn't very cut-throat and seems to be a soft player, not to mention an inadequate leader) and Jessie (who is the result of Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes's lesbian tryst) *cue fantasy sequence*

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