Friday, January 30, 2004

I forgot to mention about The Apprentice last week that Omarosa definitely seems to have esteem issues beneath her hard exterior when she talked about how it moved her that Amy and three other girls (I forget who) reached out and did something or other. And while I agree with Ereka about her newfound niceness being part of a strategy (sort of a no-duh), it is absolutely refreshing to see that she's starting to get along with the team. Also she gets brownie points for doing a dead on impersonation of Kwame's speech cadence.

Oh and Amy is impressing the hell out of me. Even though she's blonde, she's not only attractive but has the markings of a leader. She took charge with the Omarosa situation and was able to get her team running in competent fashion.

As for the sexiness issue and whoever's comment that the women are being punished for using their bodies, I think the issue at hand is more along the lines that one can't always rely on sex to sell, and the women might be relying on it as a crutch.

As for the menwreck, they're running scared. I disagree with Nick and Bill's disgust with the autograph ploy, since Troy and Kwame did say that he was a "Wall Street man." Using the little boy, however, and assuming that his pa was working at minimum wage etc. as a way of condemning the strategy walks across the patently racist line, and I'm not sure it doesn't cross into offensive territory.

Leadership-wise, I'm a bit puzzled by the Donald seeing something in Kwame, who has Right-Hand Man written all over him. Assuming that Mark Burnett didn't use skeevy editing, Kwame didn't take charge once.

The Donald also tabbed Nick as being potential leader material, and before this episode I would've agreed. But his defense of Sam (yes he was a hoot to laugh at, but was a terrible leader and follower) and decision to turn down the project leader role this week made me doubtful about him. And of course when he started slumping -- even Omarosa put on a smiling face to sell a campaign that she vehemently disagreed with.

I do agree however with Bowie's firing. He seems a jovial fellow -- though his "How would yall like a photo to remember yall [sic] night here" drove nuts -- but he never stood out.

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