Wednesday, January 21, 2004

If making generalizations based from a limited sample size is in vogue right now, let's get on with America's Next Top Model!

My biggest disappointment is the apparent lack of anyone to assume the hott indieness of Elyse.

Shandi is absolutely cute, but not when gets girlied up; indie + glamour/fashion = potential disaster. Plus, she works at a Walgreen's. I have low hopes for her now, especially because she has so much to learn in so little time. And her personality seems very minor and muted, though perhaps stunted by the editing with the little camera time she's getting so far.

Yoanna can be quite stunning, if not a little too gaunt around her cheeks (chalked up to her significant weightloss, no doubt). It was almost revelatory, her improvement in walking a runway by the end of the show. Unfortunately, Ms. Indie Pop seems too interested in stoking and provoking snipery in the house to be Elyse II (who's controversies were invariably thrust upon her).

Which sort of colors my whole view of this season -- the mad cutthroatness is shocking in comparison to last year. This change quite resembles the progression of strategy from Survivor 1 to Survivor 2 -- a lot of naiveté in 1, then the knives-out attitudes in 2.

Elyse, Elyse, lightning in the bottle.

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