Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Now to the real meat: America's Next Top Model delivered pretty much as I had hoped -- a season opener where the viewers get acclimated to the new people, but even this early we have at least one compelling loose thread that might very well get turned into an arc: Jenascia's threat of putting on her bitch. Obviously I hope that she chills out, takes some personal responsibility for oversleeping and gets chummy with April (who was utterly smoking in that photo shoot (no I don't mean chummy like that (not there's anything wrong etc. (and if they do, I'm not saying I wouldn't LOVE IT)))) or some of the other girls.


Yoanna is hott with great fashion sense. She's 134 lbs. and 5'11" and I can't believe she's considered a "plus model." This "Bohemian Bourgeois" and her job as a babysitter make me wary, but "indie pop"?? She's forgiven.

And I'm going to copy/paste verbatim exactly what I wrote here because it states articulately and forcefully my aspirations and dreams for ANTM this season.

omg Shandi tomboy indie girl with emo glasses

(Yes I know she's not wearing emo glasses but this pic was just so cuuuute -Tweee)

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