Thursday, January 15, 2004

Oh Apprentice! What entertainment and sport you are! or, Why I love dumb people

The girls won, so I'll do their autopsy first. Omarosa is dying to be project leader, and even when someone else is in charge, she tries to assert herself as top woman. When that doesn't work, she stirs the pot. Speaking of pots, her levelling the charge against Ereka (who keeps on getting hotter -- DID YOU SEE THE GUNS ON HER??) for being racist when she used "calling the kettle black" axiom simply showed how insecure and/or deluded Omarosa is. To think that I thought she was an insightful political consultant. (I wonder why I thought that at all.) Furthermore, when she was all "anyone could read the disapproval [of the "Testicle ad campaign"]* on the faces" of the ad people, it was sweet sweet schadenfreude when the Buff Boss appreciated the ballsiness of the campaign.

*and hell it's a great campaign

And now to the wreck that is the men. Knives out.

Jason was in over his head as the project manager -- making rash decisions and unwilling to hear out people's opinion. I don't just mean the decision not to meet with the airline corporates, but picking Nick to come along with them to Tribal Council struck me as a random selection at best and when Trump called him out on it, he flailed around. And Jason assigning Sam to trivial work wasn't the slickest move -- it simply antagonizes the bum more, which obviously led to him dozing off.

Nick (don't worry you're safe) was busting to laugh or lay into Sam after Trump shooshed him. You're the man now, dawg!

And Sam. Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam. I'm so sorry I called you a brown-noser even though that's what you are you gorgeous twerp. I could get very used to watching his weekly meltdowns.

What a beautiful show.

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