Monday, February 16, 2004

Alias - 3x13 "After Six"

Melissa George is a far better actress when she gets to play the sassy seductress. Also when she's tweezed her eyebrows.

More Syd "Oh I can't have you Von" boringisms. Really now JJ, the shipping is the last thing Alias should be about. This whole tendency for shows to pair off their characters is an annoying trajectory, if only because of the cold predictability that these two people are going to hook up. Even unspoken sexual tension, like Scully and Mulder, gets old fast. Back on topic: maybe I'm virulently against Syd-Von part 2 because of Vartan. David Anders oh so showed him up when he was in the changing room. AND Weiss getting in on some undercover work! (I'm going to guess that Vartan couldn't do a South African accent.)

All in all, "After Six" (after six weeks more like) was the funniest episode since the first season, simply for the shotgun wedding. It was, after all, unexpected and completely out of left field, how out of character (or as much as we know about Carrie). It just happened, and the surprise tickled me.

Any episode with Carrie rates high on my like-o-meter, though. Unfortunately, even with Quarantino not acting like a complete moron (in fact, when he went off on Sark's hair, it marked the best piece of acting Q's ever done), it still lacked a proper suspense-hook. Not saying I didn't like the episode, but beyond the chuckles and Carrie, not a terribly memorable installment.

(Sorry for the lack of structure, I'm not used to talking about Alias cos what is this like my third Alias entry ever?)

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