Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I don't know why I've put off writing about the second episode of Survivor: All-Stars, but it's not for lack of enthusiasm for it because holy cow that was a riveting tv. All I can remember now though is that while it was teh suck to see Rudy go, it might've been the best choice (or second-best, after voting out Jenna. Cripes, what did I ever see in her?). What was the most impressive thing about him was how little he complained -- even when he got voted out, he just waved to his tribe without any ill-will. But he had hardly gotten started on the quotables, unfortunately. I'm thinking Burnett should at least re-hire him as Probst's sidekick at TCs and challenges.

The other guy everyone loves, Rupert, may be totally ill-suited for Survivor. Despite his awesome force of personality, he forms emotional bonds too easily and too quickly (Rudy this time, and what's-her-face Lil last time). Still, just by being such a larger-than-life person, I can't do anything but respect him.

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