Friday, February 13, 2004

Rupert, just when I was ready to back you completely, you let your childish impulses overwhelm common sense. After all, having proper cover and distance from bodies of water is a terribly basic concept about shelter building, I imagine. I never thought I'd actually be siding with Jerri on any issue.

Speaking of whom, she really has avoided being conrontational. Even in opposing Rupert in the log cabin idea (which I think was an exceptional idea that was entirely unfeasible, thus a patently bad idea), she let Rupert have her way, and now he's on shakier footing more than ever and her influence is in ascension.

Boston Rob is also impressing me, as is Rich. I'm surprised how long it took for me to enjoy villainy (i.e. Heaven weeps). Nevertheless, even if he hadn't already won, I still don't want to see Rich make significant progress.

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