Friday, February 27, 2004

Stick a fork in Saboga, they're absolutely finished. They never even got started. It'll be interesting to see how Rupert will fit in with the new tribe, since all indications point to him being a far smaller player and an outsider than in the Pearl Islands edition. He's flatout not playing well, trying to be top dog and follower at the same time.

In an ideal scenario, I would've liked to see him go onto Richard's tribe just to see a fish-off (though just given how over-the-top Rich has been with the fish, he probably would've won).

I was totally taken aback that Rich actually got the boot, since he's been one of the more entertaining chumps on the isles, smarm-wise. Not to say I'm unhappy, but every indication was that it was going to be a 4-3 against Colby, not 6-1 against Rich. Given what was aired, the only strategies that I can envision are too convoluted to be practical.

Rich's farewell reaction ranks as a nice Hatch-moment, but still nothing else he's done tops his Happy Dance from season 1.

I liked under the radar Jerri. Now she's scheming (not to say her reasons aren't valid, however).

Boston Rob tackling the folx at the IC -- that was a bit much. Hell, I don't even know why the producers brought back the battle-format, because it can so easily lead to inter-tribe dust-ups. It was a good thing that Ethan's a pushover, cos when he hit his head after Rob's tackle, otherwise we would've seen some fisticuffs.

Oh, and Sue pissing on the raft -- was that the reason for the parental warning? God, what prudishness this is.

General thoughts on Amber: brought in as eye candy, she's been a bit more than that. So far she's talked more than in her whole first run. Also, when she uncrossed then crosser her legs watching Rob build their new shelter, that was HOTT.

Mogo Mogo's boat was simply the best thing ever. It had me busting.

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