Monday, March 22, 2004

Alias - 3x16 "Taken"

I guess it was coming given how good the season has otherwise been, but last night was the worst Alias episode ever. The amount of implausibility was simply too much -- and this from a series that routinely challenges our suspension of disbelief. Am I supposed to believe that someone as supersuave as Jack Bristow would just pull a gun on Sark and say something as limp as, "You don't deserve to leave alive," or somesuch tripe? Or that the second Dixon found out his kids were missing, he would not step down immediately?

Not even the usual gawking at Jen Garner could save this episode (not that it ever makes an episode, mind you).

So rather than my usual recap, I'd rather talk about how hardcore Jack was in the previous episode when he uses death as a mere tactic to get that ex-IRA bomber to talk. DAMN.

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