Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Alias - 3x17 "The Frame"

The past two episodes of Alias have worked hard to undo Jack's aura of big pimping thuggery. Two glaring examples: in "Taken," he pulls a gun on Sark in the meet, when clearly Sark had the advantage. Subsequently, Jack looked like an ineffectual buffoon who couldn't see that threatening Sark was a Bad Idea. Secondly, in "The Frame," the absence of forensic logic leads Jack away from the obvious, that Sen. Reed's death was not suicide. What happened to the game theory-spoutin', "I know you know I know that you know what I did" ├╝ber-agent?

And a memo to Jennifer Garner: please hold a gun proper-like (as distinct from current style: lady-like). My suspension of disbelief is already working overtime, I don't need poor weapons-technique to distract me any further.

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