Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I finally watched my tape of Wonderfalls last night. Some people were disappointed by it, but the pilot kept me enthralled to the point where I kept rewinding the parts where I couldn't hear or misheard the dialogue.

First off, Caroline Dhavernas who plays Jaye the lead character is wonderfal! (Ugh kill me the punster.) She absolutely nails the jaded and pouty thing in a way that avoids evoking privileged princesses and rather creates an aura that makes me think she wears emo glasses (read: hottly smart) when in fact she actually doesn't! Her jaw-dropping face was harmoniously sublime. I am smitten.

The inevitable Joan of Arcadia comparisons, then. While Joan's deity is clearly a PC-ified Judeo-Christian God, Wonderfalls' is apparently a "pagan" god; yet, what God it is ultimately beside the point since the underlying message remains the same, that existence is a tapestry woven from the infinite and infinitesimally small threads strewn throughout our everyday lives.

The line of the show: "Did you parents totally plotz?"

(Yiddish is my comedic kryptonite.)

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