Friday, March 19, 2004

Meanwhile, on The Apprentice, not a damn thing happened that I didn't already know or suspect. Case in point: Nick as a pompous and conniving jerk; and, Omarosa feels she's paid enough of her dues to the point where she ought to be in charge.

Also, Jason is still a moron (apparently he can't admit that not contacting the bosses was a mistake), and the show could use a big dose of Sam again.

I did like hearing what David (remember him?) said on his way out -- something along the lines of, "The only real prize is to win the whole thing, so it's just as well that I was fired early rather than waste my time." It's got the musty odor of sour grapes all over, but there's some interesting truth to it.

Actually, the recap did illuminate one thing -- it amazes me how many stupid people are running businesses in the US.

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