Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Alias - 3x18 "Unveiled"

All I can say is, it's about time Syd revealed her SECRET GOTH SHAME.

A few more words: even Lauren looked tasty in her goth wig, and witnessing the piercings in Von's face gave me tremendous pleasure (stabbing his flesh with loops and studs of metal, you know).

Some more: Von's whiny, petulant response to Jack's (unsolicited!) advice about treacherous wives (in a nutshell, how he never came up to snuff in Jack's eyes, which are, unsurprisingly, on the mark). And Jack just smirks, as in, "Way to show your true colors, champ!" Welcome the return of that cold bastard! He finds out that a) there's a new shadowy conspiratorial entity glooming in the recesses of the US government, and b) Sloane was tipping the wifey behind his back. When Sloane admitted to b), Jack of course decides that he's going to keep a lid on the Trust a wee bit longer.

Quotation of the episode probably went to Djimon Honsou about how Sark's fascination with Lauren's assets didn't interest him. Then, in typical Alias, he of course gets killed off. (Sidenote: damn he dressed fine.)

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