Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Alias - 3x20 "Blood Ties"

Nadia bears a canny resemblance to Syd. And I'm afraid that's all I can remember about the last episode.

Oh wait: Grad Student Syd. That certainly brings back memories. It's also the closest thing so far to Sexy Librarian Syd -- in any case, good times. Her scrunchy, about-to-cry face was pure comedy gold.

Oh: and plenty of Von abuse. Brilliant episode. I actually laughed at all the torture scenes. (That crack on Sark and puberty was delightful, though.)

But two qualms.

First, returning to the Sydster, Nadia was barely established as a sentient character before Sloane ensnared her in the dentist chair. Anticlimax.

Second, the latest posthumous character development belongs to Father Von, who, it turns out, is yet another in an endless parade of Rambaldi aficionados. The overarching Rambaldi storyline, by itself, is simply scaffolding to give the action and costume-changes a semblance of plot, but when an offscreen and sub-minor character turns out to also be a Rambaldi follower, that's elevating the absurdity to the level of an insular solipsism. In plainer terms, there's a tendency to try to connect every single stray dot with all the other dots even when it's clear that dot A is related to dot B by virtue of being B's father, but the result is an overwrought and convoluted map.

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