Friday, April 23, 2004

All Shii-Ann, All the Tiime

Alicia came off last night as a petty and overbearing hypocrite. That she was voted least deserving to be an All-Star and the one who most overestimates her intelligence makes perfect sense in light of her behavior with regards to Shii-Ann winning immunity. (If I sound extremely bitter at Alicia, it's because I kind of am.)

One, Shii-Ann's exuberance is unsurprising given that she was certain to be voted out, and that she overcame the long odds of outlasting Rupert and Rob -- yet Alicia begrudged her a celebratory yelp which, had it come from someone else (someone male), she would not have risen a stink over. And being one of the people who ostracized Shii-Ann to the edges of the tribe, how could she reasonably expect her not to feel like sticking it to them all?

Furthermore, that Alicia, in the eigth edition Survivor -- and an ALL-STAR edition no less, would attach any significance to a handshake (with anyone, not just Rob) displays her naiveté; thus, GOOD RIDDANCE ALICIA.

Meanwhile, Shii-Ann seems to have the worst Survivor luck, since in both her runs she ends up as an outcast. This time, it's perhaps a bit sadder since she had been in a more solid alliance with the Lex crüe.

And last Shii-Ann note: when Jenna told Rupert that there should be no question that Shii-Ann get stuck with the sparest meal, Jenna revealed herself to be the poor strategist she thinks she isn't. Since at that point Shii-Ann was the putative lock to be the next one out, it wouldn't have hurt to curry jury favor with her by, for example, giving her the burger and fries and letting, say, Boston Rob take the rice.

Anyway whatever, Shii-Ann's gone by next week -- there's no way she can get another immunity or stir things up enough in the Chumpera camp.

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