Friday, April 02, 2004

And on Survivor, Boston Rob gets a taste of what hubris can bring. It's hard to feel sympathy for him since, after all, he's well in charge of the game so far and he's getting the girl. Similarly, his efforts to maintain Amber's safety reek of his self-importance, that he's able mete out reward or punishment for what happens to her. (Compare his comportment to Rupert's, whose comment about Tom's tiny fish could've come off as patronizing, but because of his overall jollity, is more playful than the mean-spirited ridicule that Rob emits.)

Lex is also put into a tremendously difficult position since he's allowed someone from the other tribe dictate who the next ousted tribe member will be. He can't do that forever, since eventually he'll have to cut into his core group.

Best moment of the show, though, is when he, Shii Ann and Kathy were debating about whom to vote out. Lex said that informing Jerri of her impending boot at least allowed them to weigh the vote with more factors to consider; then, he said that they should continue to come up with reasons for either Amber or Jerri. All three of them, hands on chin, not saying a word, for five. Whole. Seconds.

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