Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A double 24 entry.

It's basically an entirely new season as of two or three episodes ago, ever since the introduction of Dick Tremayne/Stephen Saunders which put an end to the pointless Salazar story, and it's not entirely too late to start watching again. (You know who you are.)

6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

The Fall of Chappelle: Inconsistent characterization? A lack of sympathy for him? True and true, perhaps, but really, it doesn't matter, because we witnessed the (super?)hero of the show murdering, execution-style, a peripheral character who still happens to be one of the good guys around since the first season.

I shouldn't be all that blown away especially considering the show's trackrecord for killing off apparently established characters/big players ever since the beginning (Teri, Mason, and Nina this season), but the simple brutality of Chappelle's death was breathtaking.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
This installment has all the earmarks of a transitional episode -- no minor resolutions, no groundbreaking revelations, just a lot of set up. It also features some laughably horrible dialogue, Chloe being the worst/best offender.

However, the fact that the spread of the virus is, from my point of view, accelerating at an epidemic rate is going to strain the storytelling in upcoming episodes. Because the number of people who are coming into contact with the virus is increasing (not just any people, but anonymous people (which, technically speaking, is "any people")), the situation is approaching disastrous levels, yet CTU is dealing with it as a manageable problem. Balancing what I think against CTU's reaction is breaking my brain.

The most interesting development, though, is Kim's deployment in the field as Jane Saunders' body double; it isn't a real season of 24 if Kim isn't endangered for at least 3 episodes. Another positive side-effect of her going undercover is that she had to be disguised -- meaning that her horrible haircut, for at least a few minutes, was covered up by a wig.

While I'm speaking about more profane subjects, I want to celebrate the return of the delectable Dr. Sunny Bracer (played by the equally delectable Christina Chang) (this aside should be under the 6 AM section, but I don't want to detract from it with my such off-topic lusting). Behold:

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