Friday, April 09, 2004

Lex's apostatic reaction to Boston Rob's backstabbing was a bit disingenuous considering he used the same ploy on Ethan. That said, it got me nice and mad at Rob, and coupled with Omarosa's hijinks, I'm a bit glad I didn't pop a vein in my neck.

I hesitate to believe what Rob did, as he stated, was purely strategic; rather, he was actually behaving in a momentarily heartfelt and genuine manner, before his machismo reasserted itself and exploited it to his advantage. Proof? When he admitted to playing Lex, his voice was unusually strained, as though it took an unusual amount of effort to "convincingly" put forth this idea.

Kathy's ultimate decision not to give up immunity puzzled me, and judging by Lex's reaction, him too. It looks like dire times for Kathy, my favorite out of these chumps -- though Reality TV rule #3 (more like 1a actually) states that seemingly invulnerable teams will implode sooner rather than later.

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