Thursday, April 29, 2004

No surprises! Shii-Ann wastes her chance(s) to actually accomplish things! The only way that Amber can win is if Rob goes on a major immunity run and everyone votes for her in the final two purely to spite him, and even then, it's not a sure thing because she has "coattails" written all over her. In any event, her getting to the final two relies on Rob in some way or another (e.g. if neither she nor he but some third person wins the final immunity, that person will be basing his choice on whether to let Rob in or not -- not whether to let Amber in (subtle distinction etc.)).

Shii-Ann failed even to roil things up in the general alliance, since everyone voted for her. If Johnny Fairplay had been in a similar position, he would've caused way more turmoil, guaranteed. Her opinion of herself, from a social hierarchical perspective (ps if I hear "dynamics" used again on the show I'm going to kill), is unwarrantably high.

And her mom! What kind of a Chinese mother can't scarf down disgusting food? (Nothing Shii-Ann will escape my wrath this week. Shii Devil pfeh.)

And what was up with Tom wearing Alicia's styling cap? Suave proprietary move. Notice how he conveniently didn't wear it at tribal council. Rob is right in calling Tom a moron -- the unintelligible oaf is placing way too much trust in Rob to the point of envisioning final three.

Idiots, all.

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