Friday, April 16, 2004

Well, that was fairly anti-climactic. The final two episodes of Apprentice clearly leaned towards Bill, if only because of how much more organized Bill and his team were. Even the way his one Big Problem was resolved mirrored the plot of a bad script: oh, just in the nick of time he finds the ad!

Kwame, to his credit, performed admirably when faced with the various crises that popped up in his task; then again, his managing style also happened to create many/all of the problems. While in an ideal setting his hands-off approach would be a wonderful managing style (I really wouldn't know, since I'm mostly a bum), but it requires competent underlings. And Kwame had Omarosa.

As for the aftershow, I couldn't believe that they seated Omarosa next to Ereka, and they both acted with relative civility; b. there was actual acknowledgement of Omarosa's ongoing, post-show dispute (which, in a way, putt her on the spot); c. Ereka got to state her side of the story where Omarosa didn't get the same opportunity.

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