Tuesday, May 18, 2004

24 - "11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M."

More implausibility, mixed in with remarkable predictability. Just another episode of 24 in other words.

What's so implausible? That Dick Tremayne Saunders would cave so easily and willingly after the big song and dance routine with Jane at the Hotel Cordelia. That Wayne and (the?) Fox (FOX?)(Broadcasting Co?) would linger around Sherry's crib far too long. That Julia would return out of the blue with murder-suicide on her mind. That CTU would send an agent whose face is as cut up as Chase's to go on a sensitive undercover op.

Happily, those implausibilities also happen to be the predictabilities. Throw onto the pile a ploy Jack that has used at least once before (threaten the Resident Bad Guy with physical harm to a child (though I have to say, Jack's "And I'll make you watch her die" line delighted my Inner Fascist)), that Sherry was going to meet her end (via the old standby, "Make it look like the would-be killer has been successfully reasoned with only to 'surprise' the viewer by doing exact opposite"), and that the Guy Whom Jack et al Think is the Target turns out to be the Red Herring.

Nice of Jack to remind everyone that, yes, heroin is addicting and he's still a junkie (though his withdrawal syndromes have Yet Again disappeared conveniently).

Whatever. Anything that gets my Inner Fascist on!

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