Wednesday, July 28, 2004

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 1) - 1.8 "The Girl Who Becomes ANTM"

1. Shannon reaching the final two and then the case made in her favor at the final judgement represents completely befuddling rationalization. Sure, her catwalk was fierce, I'll give her that. But saying that her voice sounds better than Adrianne's when in fact it's raspy and jagged proves that you're a moron. On a similar track: one judge (probably monkeysmart Kimora) said that she could see Shannon on a late-night talkshow. Then, cue her articulation of emotion at having made it so far in the competition: "Words cannot express what I'm feeling right now." Brilliant reasoning, you idiot! (Idiot referring mostly to Kimora.)

2. Adrianne is awesome. Personally, I don't think she was the best model on the show, but easily one of the coolest people on it. She grabs her tittehs and burps! IRONIC SEXINESS.

Adrianne's reaction to winning made me very uncomfortable because of how genuine her response was. This is reality tv folks, I want my sentiments to be neatly prepackaged! An intensely private reaction spilling out onto tv -- that's uncomfortable stuff!

3. Elyse really impresses in this episode. She takes her elimination with grace, knowing that for her, being a model isn't her be-all and end-all, speaking to her well-groundedness as an individual. (Of course, she goes ahead and becomes a model anyway.)

Nonetheless, the reasons for her elimination are suspect. Her lack of commercial appeal are contrasted against Shannon being too mainstream. Then, the judges appeared to use the estrogen lecture as an example of her condescension -- even though Janice made the "WHOOSH OVER MY HEAD" gesture, Elyse's explanation was basically, "A developing child exposed to more estrogen will have these features that are considered more feminine," which to my ears sounds straightforward.

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