Monday, July 05, 2004


Remember when I expressed my fear that Elyse would end up winning this (cheap stab at cultural relevance) award for something like 8 weeks straight? Those fears are apparently unfounded, because for the second week in a row, I'm giving it to myself for forgetting to award it out on time.

But we all ("we all"?) know who's going to get this week's ELYSE: Elyse! This time it's for marginalization thanks to the bulimia persecution strategem used by the "Popular Girls." Because being indie means being an outcast and being picked on for one reason or another.

Which makes me wonder who the leader (i.e. the most dominant/domineering person) is in the remaining bunch. Taking into consideration the two factions (split between Adrianne/Elyse and Robin/Kesse/Shannon), it would seem that Robin lords (ladies?) herself around the house the most. She does and says what she wants whenever she wants to, and her desires are usually attended to whether it's convenient for the others or permissible within the show's rules.

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