Sunday, July 18, 2004

Later this week, I'm going to be headed for Comic-Con International -- the biggest geekout opportunity in comic book form available to me in California and possibly the entire West coast. So what does my on-the-side love have to do with television? you might ask.
WELL! The convention has broadened its focus beyond just comics and has made forays into pop culture in general, including, obviously, tv. Take a peek at some of the programming available this year:
3:00-4:30 Freaks and Geeks
10:00-11:00 ABC's New Fall Series Lost
11:30-1:00 The Simpsons
2:00-3:00 Reality Stars Unleashed!
2:00-4:00 Wonderfalls: Unseen Episodes
Time and space permitting, I would gladly give up my status as ubernerd to attend the Lost preview and the Wonderfalls airing and once I get home to enter my thoughts on each.
But, as things go, the programming schedule offers different tasty panels that occur at the same time! Specifically:
2:00-3:00 Dimension Films: Sin City
I mean, why do I have to choose between Lex from Survivor or Jessica Alba FOXXY FRANK MILLER??

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