Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Alias: My Master's Thesis(?)

Again, apologies for the lack of updates. I've moved on from my boring job where I was more than happy to eat away time musing about how hot Elyse is to graduate school where such thoughts need be qualified with an examination of marginalization in consumer culture or somesuch, and unsurprisingly, I've seen my motivation slip away.

Then again, I'll be soon embarking on the mother of all T!YBE posts, also known as a master's thesis on, get this... ALIAS. So for the moment, I'll fill up this otherwise empty space with the direction in which I'm looking to take my project.

At this point, a fruitful avenue may be to inspect how the narrative structure of the entire series -- cliffhangers, willful disregard for plot continuity on the macro level -- constructs Syd's identity (in addition to the concept of constructed identity within the mythology of the show itself, i.e. where Syd need only put on a whig, a skanky dress and mangle a given language to become someone else). A possible digression might examine the plot discontinuity in relation to the show's aesthetic of instant gratification (i.e. story arcs that conclude immediately relative to a hyper-accelerated build-up (e.g. SD-6 anyone?)).

Chew on that while I avoid doing assigned reading.

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