Sunday, October 31, 2004

Disguise Delimit: Alias 1x01 [Raw Notes]

So I figure, for those of you who don't watch Lost but do watch Alias, and, for some unfathomable reason, enjoy reading Television! You Black Emperor, I'll throw you a bone and offer up my raw notes whenever the mood strikes me (e.g. when I'm bored, sick of school, etc.). Two additional, more practical motives: typing them up will personally help me (a searchable database of notes; a chance to work out my notes to myself); and to offer YOU, JOHN OR JANE Q. INTERWEB DENIZEN, a glimpse into my tortuously overwrought thinking. A forewarning: I'm not going to put a whole lot of effort into this, so if it doesn't make sense, you can sit on a tack.

And yes, "Disguise Delimit" is indeed my working title.

Truth Be Told

  • S tortured, subjective shot expect to see Dentist, cut to classroom; fluidity of ID (same showed/Dent reveal) [Huh?? -Leee]
  • "You are schizophrenic." -Francie to S
  • J sez to Danny "How well do you know my daughter?"
  • white security room turns red
  • hiding ring/engagement from SD6: hidden life within hidden life (parallel plot spiraling/convolution)
  • S spills beans to Danny in shower -- naked
  • S whimpering in torture before commercial break, when return struggling
  • S: Sloane'd "rather none of us had a life outside"
  • 1st mission cutting/alternating b/w mission and D talking about S's spy life; juxtaposition of domestic/spy
  • S "hears"/reacts as phone in Sl's office rings [Note to self: include times!]
  • suppression of subtitles during dialogue in other lang puts audience on outside, therefore S on inside; but also no dialogue speech [wha??]; reduce non-diegetic elements to compensate for general implausibility
  • BITEME -- reversal
  • lecture's theme parallels S's circumstances, narrative echoes S's circumstances -- S's life has effect on narrative/environment
  • S uses F to get out of trouble
  • revelation after revelation -- bottomless (i.e. convoluted plots)
  • get to watch S put on disguise -- she changes Amy's ID too-self-authored [to self-authored?] ID (e.g. drawing on mole)
  • parallel action: past-mission S gets KO'd; wake up in present
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