Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lost - 1x03 "Tabula Rasa"

Either I'm incredibly awesome, or JJ Abrams in easier-to-read-than-a-magazine-article shocker!

Obviously, there's the continued denial of history (an explicit concern given the episode title), and in some cases a willful suppression of biography (Jack in the end not wanting to hear from Kate her crime(s)).

Meanwhile, Locke (Terry O'Quinn) continues to serve as the mystic: from thin air he draws Vincent the dog back into the fold; he sits cross-legged; he's a fount of knowledge (see the backgammon in 1x02). But now with the Scary Music Of Ominous Portents over a closeup of his face to close the episode, that (rad) scar over his eye marks his (immanent (permanent?)) dark side; Locke is a Creator figure (making the flute, and then fashioning the reunion of Dad, Son and Doggy), and his ascetic appearance (bald, aforementioned sitting posture) suggests an Eastern Creator figure, i.e. he is Creator and Destroyer both. You heard it here first.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm seeing Locke as a kind of hunter/shaman. I think that no matter what happens, he's going to live out the rest of his life on that island. It was his new home from the moment he stood up.