Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Amazing Race - 6x07 "Phil Is a Choo-Choo Charlie"

"The President of Synagogue"? I'm so proud of you, cack-inducing monster. And that's your new name.

Meanwhile, Jon and Kris prove themselves incredibly nice and well-grounded... but perhaps a little too nice and well-grounded. They have such a nice outlook on the race -- taking time to go to the beach and play with the kids while everyone else is holding their noses up at Synogogue Senegal, appreciating the difference of culture, etc. -- not to mention a willingness to laugh at themselves (e.g. when their car broke down, other teams would've taken the opportunity to yell at each other, intead Kris and Jon crack Flinstones jokes). But their portrayal has been so nice (albeit bland) thusfar that they come off a bit fake, though of course I hope otherwise.


Anonymous said...

dude, Lee,
how did that conference go?
and when are you getting back to Chicago?


Leee said...

Do you mean the Pop Culture Assoc. Conference? That isn't till March, I've been at home either working on my 15 pager or reading or wasting time. I'll be back in Chicago first thing next year.

haenschen said...

I have short hair and I am not indie. Stop hating on Vaughn. Is that how it's spelled? I haven't found any good aboriginal Jersey products - they're out of season. I may bring back subway scrapings. Tastes like tapenade.

Leee said...