Thursday, April 14, 2005

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 4) - 4x07 "The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge"

Hm! (Since Lost was an unexpected rerun, I actually managed to watch ANTM "live" for once.)

I didn't think that Tiffany was necessarily dissing the process (but selective editing caveats etc.). What could've been seen as a mature way of dealing with an elimination (from what I could tell, telling the other girls essentially to buck up, don't cry for me Argentina and whatnot) was twisted around into a big piece of nasty. Still, as part of my ongoing experiment in watching this season as a spectacle (despite my rankings which sort of impose a kind of narrational structure on Cycle 4), Tyra's blow up was quite exhilarating to behold. (Kind of makes me wonder if Anna McCarthy would pick Simon as her POTUS now.)

1. Janice Dickinson (NR) - "Au revoir, bitches!"
2. Naima (2) - Why's she flattening out her hair? She's coasting, but everyone else is too. COOL FACT! Her favorite film is Whale Rider.
3. Brittany (5) - She's the inverse of the fat girls/"nice personalities" axiom. But Tyra's too busy ripping into Tiffany to notice.
4. Keenyah (3) - She's sort of spinning her wheels in the mud, just like all the other girls too, but just like Naima, she's got enough laurels to get her past several more eliminations.
5. Michelle (9) - Another inexplicable big mover. She took 4 years of Drama, and she made beginner's boners. True fact, which her self-delusion keeps her from realizing, but what of the judges? I'm beginning to fear that the final three is actually going to be Naima, Brittany and Michelle just because the judges like to include one WTF?! choice.
6. Tatiana (6) Exuberant, cute (if I squint, I suppose she might be), but a wee bit daft.
7T. Christina (4) This week she is a lipless robot.
7T. Kahlen (3) - What do I know? Except for the hair, I thought her photo this week was cute, definitely a different change of pace from most of the others, but I'm not going to hold my breath for them to see the cuteness of her shyness. I'll light a candle for her, if only for saying a few episodes ago, "The reason that Mr. Jay dressed up is to show the rest of us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful."

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