Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Amazing Race - 7x11 "Five Continents, 25 Cities and More than 40,000 Miles"

Uchenna & Joyce
Since they were a kind of blasé big-hearted couple, they weren't on the same level as the Clowns or Chip & Kim as for as rootability. But given that hardly any teams were absolutely endearing in this season of TAR, Uchenna and Joyce easily became the frontrunners for sympathy. They were absurdly nice throughout the race -- where Rob -- and I suppose I should include Amber for the sake of completeness -- were cutthroat and played every angle that they could as hard as they could (and for that, Rambah "deserved" to win), Uchenna and Joyce ironically went out of their way to help other teams (even if it was a pair of geezers), which I suppose improved their karma. Hey, the head-shaving ceremony was a good fortune ritual, after all. (Haw haw Brandon and Nicole from season 5!)

Rob & Amber
The second time that Rwab's used that "It's ok, I've got Ambuh" line after finishing in second place. Haw!

Ron & Kelly
They deserve each other. I hope they get married so they can bring out the male/female stereotypes in each other.

Gretchen & Meredith
They are old. I don't care about them.

Indie rating: 500mg - "Miserable Miracle"

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richard said...

I also hate old people. They suck up most of the oxygen with their overdeveloped lungs and smug sense of superiority.