Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So You Think You Can Dance

Craig out shocker! I was sure his prettiness would convince all the girls out there to keep him in, but no. However, whatever sympathy I might have had for him at such a huge shock disappeared when he said that he just graduated from high school.

And also, who is this awful Lifehouse?

Lauren "Plastic Surgery" Sanchez sez for the credits to roll, and whoa! It looks like the person to lose a bet with Ryan was Snow this week. Also, during the roll call, all the dancers seemed to be roughly doing hip hop, or heavily influenced by hip hop. Everybody looked like they were popping.

And golly, Snow is about as popular as herpes right now -- twice rejected under the excuse that her partner wanted to dance with someone new the next week. Just sayin'. THAT SHE CAN'T BE PARTNERED.

Last surprise before getting onto the actual dancing: Jamile was last week's leading vote getter. He's easily my favorite dancer, so perhaps I really am much more representative of the typical viewer of this show.

Blake & Ashlé - I thought it looked slow and at times labored. Compare it to the Jive in the first week of competition and Blake and Ashle seemed to be dancing in a vat of transparent molasses.

Artem & Melissa - Artem with the magnetism. I couldn't see any jazz in Melissa's work because I couldn't take my eyes off of Artem. Whoo!

Allan & Melody - I agreed with all the judges -- Allan's technique really lacked, and Melody really kick up a notch. (BAM.) You could say, she was doing all the heavy lifting. Because Allan's fat.

edited 9/1/05: Mr. Personality, indeed!

Ryan & Snow - The Hair, explained! I got a kick out of it - Nigel was right, the performance was entertaining as hell, but it looks like Snowjinx, part III.

Jamile & Destini - Thanks be to Jamile for his "two black folks doing the waltz" comment. He was a little choppy, though, with the lifts. Clearly, they put a lot of effort into their routine, which of course gave the dance a labored air.

Nick & Kamilah - Disappointed. Disco! Come on! At times they were fast and energetic, but with the trickier stuff they noticeably (though understandably) slowed it down.

And Snow is finally going to be eliminated. At least she won't have to face being the dancer her partner doesn't want to dance with EVER AGAIN.

Oh wait! "NUMA NUMA!" Snow performed fantastically and fit the song perfectly (even in spite of her trademark Snow-twirly thing) -- great audience interaction that featured Gary Brolsma's sexy arm raises. She just got all the rest of my votes for the rest of the show.

So I don't have it all figured out, after all. SHOCKER, part III.

Ryan? That elbow spin? Good god. He won't win the competition, but he's not going to leave any time soon.

But to leave on a salacious note: Kamilah looks like Giselle's hotter twin.

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Indie rating: O-Zone - "Dragostea Din Tei"

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