Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Veronica Mars - 1x16 "Betty and Veronica"

Hey, this show is pretty good! I think I said sometime ago that the writing was probably unlikely that of any other show that I've seen (granted, I watch a lot of reality tv and 24 -- not exactly shows that feature great dialogue), but the story itself really didn't grab me until that one about the poker game.

However, it's too smart for me! Developments sometimes rush right past me, and like I said, I watch a lot of reality tv and 24, i.e. shows that will slowly repeat a point so that their mass (or plain stupid (Hi!)) audiences can follow, and Veronica just doesn't pander to me like I'm used to! Though I did think of this smart thing: Abel Koontz! And the Kanes! If I'm just getting this connection now, I really am slow!!

One actual point in the midst of this overflow of exclamation marks: in this episode the dialogue, especially Veronica's one-liners, seemed markedly weaker and at times more forced than in the previous couple episodes.

Indie rating: Kronos Quartet - "Spem in Alium"

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Anonymous said...

cain and abel were from the bible, i think. i remember there being allusions in east of eden but of course not what it all actually meant.

ok, just googled and found a site that kept saying and blahblah the LORD, and the allcaps things distract me, so i will ask you after all.

they were brothers, n'est-ce pas? and one was favored or something? i haven't seen veronica mars enough to see a connection and understand characters and how this allusion might apply...

i should watch that show though.


(tv so sucks lately, i want lost back)