Friday, March 03, 2006

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 6) - HYPE: Online Press Conference Edition, Part 2

Second in a three part series

Before I resume my coverage of the press conference, there are a few things that I left out in the previous entry.

First, I was mad at those two hoes for calling in twice to ask multiple questions because I had to call in twice because of technical difficulties (something about phone lines getting crossed), and so I had to give up my spot in the queue. Including me, there were only 14 or 15 people who got to ask questions for what amounted to less than an hour, so who knows if those two ladies bumped anyone out of the conference.

Second (and this item would fall under News), apparently Jay and Tyra are bored sometimes (boo to the idle rich), and bored enough to go into the DVD section of Virgin Megastores (what provincial tastes!) and randomly autograph the cycle 1 boxset. Too bad for me, I bought mine off of Amazon.

But without further ado:


By dish, I mean gossip and miscellaneous trivia, and I shall present these items in the ever elegant bullet point format:

  • Jay dislikes working with tall women since they apparently shave two inches off of his 6'1" frame.

  • When they were asked which contestants they disliked the most, Nigel and Jay refused to name anyone in particular. But later, another caller (and judging by my notes, she was one of the repeat callers) asked if the theme of transformations implied that the makeovers would be more dramatic. Somehow, Jay managed to turn his response into a diss of Cassandra from Cycle 5, saying that she would've looked more like a model with her short (SHORT!) blond haircut.

  • Granola-gate! Ken said that although no footage of the theft existed, he believed that Jayla stole Bre's granola bars "based on her past behavior." So there you (kinda) got it.

  • After the panelists answered my questions, they laughed. I have no idea why -- I hope it's because of the academic way I framed my question (to find out what it was, tune in next time!) -- but it's since then thrown my already delicate and self-conscious ego into a veritable tizzy.

    Coming next: the dizzying conclusion of NARRATIVE!

    Indie rating: The Gossip - "Yesterdays News"
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