Monday, October 16, 2006

Lost - 3x02 "The Glass Ballerina"

Funny that an episode featuring so much macho posturing happens to be entitled "The Glass Ballerina" and focuses on boring Korean soap opera. But, you know, since I'm such an alpha dog man's man, all that flexing and unadulterated male aggression has made this episode the first one that I liked this season (the premiere was little more than inert setup), enough so that I'm blogging about Lust again, which also lets me mention that I've been linked from the Lostpedia (at the end of the paragraph on Season 1). I swear to God, I didn't put that link there! (I didn't even know the Lostpedia existed until they started referring to T!YBE!)

Anyway, back to the Studs of Lust and the throbbing exempla of masculinity portrayed in "The Glass Ballerina."

The Liefieldesque clenched jaw that I found least convincing belonged to Jock; until Juliet of the Others breaks him of his willfulness, he bellowed and glowered at the same unremitting pace, which unfortunately came off as boring and sub–Henry Rollins "Hey! Look at the veins in my neck! Grr grrr!" posturing. Fortunately, the Red Sox Won the World Series bit was cute. The writers, however, dropped the ball of the ineluctable modality of the visible when they failed to have Jock respond, "What's next? The White Sox winning the World Series? And then the Detroit Tigers, who had lost 119 games in 2003?" (Tigers are the Team of Destiny this year. You heard it here last.)

But thankfully, the rest of the episode's machismo was pure gravy. Like when Edward Sayid planned to haul out the big guns to ambush and kill all the big-O Others except for two. Why two? "One to make the other cooperate." Ah, torture, which I haven't had enough to satisfy my bloodlust, what with 24 still on hiatus and all. And then Gin all manning up and telling his woman to go alone onto the sailboat with all of its easy access into and inconvenient escape routes out of. So what if Edward's plan was as phallacious as the rationale for a certain war in the Middle East? I got to watch Gin check the action on his glock, and then he and Edward got to stroke some firearms.

And then there was Tom and his chauvinism. Leering at Kitten in her shorty-short dress? Gallantly standing up for her when the guard told her that she didn't have to work in the dress if she didn't want to, if you know what I mean, and I think you do?

Mix in a suicide and a dead blonde who didn't know her place, and that's the recipe for a great episode.

Next episode: we get to see what happened to Mr. Ecce Homo and MasterLocke! And possibly my new favorite Luster, Dexter!

Indie rating: Isis - "Wills Dissolve"

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