Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Heroes - 1x11 "Fallout"

I've said a number of times in various media that Heroes is the only show that I consider a guilty pleasure of mine (i.e. I take Top Model very seriously). Heroes is a guilty pleasure because I can't ignore how badly some characters annoy me in particular and how it often it falls squarely into cliched conventionality (in dialogue and in plot (who didn't already know that Sylar was going to bust out at the beginning of this episode? And that by the time Eden was going to take matters into her own hands, she'd be the reason he got out?)). But sometimes, those conventions tap straight into my nerd pulse: Time traveller who joyfully riffs on old Spider-Man quotations? Episodes that end on cliffhangers after actually resolving a prior (if minor) plot arc? I'm sold (even if you could debate the second point).

Easily, my favorite scene from "Fallout" was psychic cop Matt and FBI Girlfriend Audrey sitting in the cruiser -- "Actually he's kind of cute," she thinks to herself. "Oh god, did he just hear that?" TOO CUTE.

Second favorite scene was Eden's swansong. Obviously anyone who reads comics could tell what a boner she was about to pull (and of course, Heroes creator Tim Kring doesn't read comics), but at least she had the guts brain matter to shoot herself before Sylar could make with the slice 'n dice. Still, I wonder why Sylar couldn't have scooped up the bits of Eden's sprayed gray matter, make brain tacos or something.

In truth, Eden's scene wasn't my second favorite scene, I just wanted to make some jokes. My real second-favorite scene is anything with Hiro in it.

Gotta find that sword!

Indie rating: Solex - "Dork at 12 O'Clock"

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