Monday, December 04, 2006

Justice League - Season 1

Quick reviews (I'll try to limit them to incomplete sentences) and grades for Justice League story arcs, because right now I cannot get enough of CARTOONS. Usual spoiler whosits apply.

"Secret Origins"
Series finding its feet, too many dead audio spots, generically faceless alien enemies, hooray for Batman.
Grade: B

"In Blackest Night"
Potential race allegory, punches pulled in the end.
Grade: C+

"The Enemy Below"
Aquaman = ugh. Aquaman chops off hand = better, because there's less of him now.
Grade: D+

"Paradise Lost"
Decent occult/adventure story mired by humorless Amazons. No sign of empathetic Lucifer, or of blank verse.
Grade: B

"War World"
Superman in meandering "reality tv is like gladiator games" aborted slobberknocker. Points for Hawkgirl and GL's married-couple bickering.
Grade: B-

"The Brave and the Bold"
Establishes trend: every Justice League episode that features a talking gorilla rocks.
Grade: A

Amazons don't know how to have fun, reeks of "vengeful feminist" phobia -- but first episode to air with Olivia d'Abo's delectable accent as sassy Star Sapphire.
Grade: C+

JSA analogue! And just a little bit hokey! Still can't believe they got away with the "You're a credit to your people" line.
Grade: B+

"Injustice For All"
Lex Luthor! Joker! Bounded Batman bides time! And, yes, talking gorillas! Wherein Ultra-Humanite is revealed to be a PBS devotee.
Grade: A+

"A Knight of Shadows"
A leftover Batman: TAS script? Mishmash of occult and King Arthur myths -- Batman's presence assures grade won't fall into C range.
Grade: B-

Is Metamorpho this boring and emo in the comic?
Grade: D-

"The Savage Time"
Wonder Woman funny when confronted with WWII-era chauvanism. Old-fashioned "Superheroes vs. the Axis" story mixed in with time-travel. For a season finale, not enough Batman (though fascist alterna-Bat (HOW CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE? HAR HAR) saying that nothing would make him happier than to no longer exist is Batman at his best) or talking gorillas.
Grade: B

Indie rating: Barbara - "Septembre (Quel Joli Temps)"

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