Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm still here

First, apologies. The internet is a fickle mistress, and I didn't even have "access" to the results finale until the middle of Sunday. Yes, friends, this is how I spend my weekends, waiting for a percentage bar to say 100% complete. (And might I hasten to add, I don't mean that literally, that's a Lil' C–caliber metaphor.) (Involving museums and chauffeurs.) When I do finish my recap -- the way things are going, I'm aiming for Tuesday -- expect it to be fairly serious (read: humorless), since I've already reached the end of the 101 Thigh-Slappin' Lolcatdeeleys joke book I've been using.

So in the meantime, here's an NPR feature on Cuban ballet dancer Carlos "Air" Acosta that I woke up to today. Also, witness my paltry Twitter account for those interested in my very occasional updates.

Indie rating: Neu! - "Fur Immer"


momo said...

THANKS! for the link on Carlos Acosta! I must immediately run out and get his book.

demondoll said...

You're always worth the wait :-)