Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 11) - 11x03 "The Ladder of Model Success"

Good news for those of you who hate me: I'm helping out someone who likes SpongeBob and The Wire, and my project is likely to take up all my free time, so for the immediate future I won't be able to spend much time blogging. That said, I've already got a few lingering thoughts and lazy photoshopped effects to share for the non-discerning haters.

Remember what I said last week?
Clark, meanwhile, will probably settle in as the designated villain and as such will happily accumulate all the bad karma that's due her, and once she gets eliminated, we'll all cheer -- unless Elina has by that time seduced Clark into some decadent tolerance.

That didn't take long.

On the subject of Hannah and her confrontation with the scary ethnics, I had in mind a longer rant on how inefficacious the term "racist" tends to be in a debate, a rant which would culminate in a hilarious joke about how in a post-racial world, this isn't how we resolve differences, which would disappoint Tyra, and by extension, Oprah and Obama... but I've already made that joke elsewhere, and moreover, I don't have the spare time to give much attention it would require.



Indie rating: Stereolab - "Daisy Click Clack"


Margot said...

The thing that cracked me up about the racist drama was all the black girls saying “White Girl’s racist!” Hello? Irony called and left you a message… **SMACKS her in the forehead**

Leee said...

Margot, I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

FTR, while I want to like Hannah, and I think that she was standing in morally equivocal territory for most of the episode (though shaded towards BOOO, esp. WRT to pushing Isis in the pool), she ceded any remaining moral ground when she compared what happened to gang violence or gang rape.

demondoll said...

I don't watch ANTM, wish you all sorts of fun on your project. I look forward to your return!

Margot said...

Sorry Leee, guess I'm yet again in my own world :P It's just that whatever Hannah did was never blatant racism, some just assumed that it was. Yet when they were talking smack about her they kept calling her "White Girl" - which seemed much closer to true racism. My first thought was that the push was because of the transgender thing and I found it a bit typical that some people jumped on the race card.