Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stereolab @ The Fillmore (10-21-2008)

I tweeted yesterday that I hadn't been as excited to go to a concert as I
was while counting down the minutes to go see Stereolab, the effect of
which was setting myself up for an epic letdown, because I really
rilly wanted the Groop to close out the show with a 45-minute
version of "Jenny Ondioline." Of course that didn't happen; in fact, they
didn't play "Jenny" in any of its brain-melting incarnations. Fortunately,
their songbook is so well-stocked with motorik-meets-lounge-pop all-time
classics -- "John Cage Bubblegum"! Meghan McCain's favorite Marxist pop
anthem "Ping-Pong"! -- that I think I can forgive the band their omission. Also, they're touring in support of Chemical Chords, probably the happiest, hoppiest most dance-friendly album they've released to date (if I'm wrong, be kind, I estimate that I've never heard about 40% of Stereolab's total output). I had a stupid grin on my face for half the show.

Right before the band got onstage, a roadie were placing paper plates around the various instruments. Enigmatic! After the gig, the big mystery was revealed when some of the band threw them Frisbee-style into the crowd -- the plates had the setlist written on them!

I didn't get one, but someone did:

Perc (Percolator)
Neon (Neon Beanbag)
Eye (Eye of the volcano)
Chemical (Chemical Chords)
2 Finger
Ping Pong
Valley Hi
Lo Boob
Double Rocker
Silver Sands
John Cage
French (Disko?)
Cybele's (Cybele's Reverie)

No "Daisy Click Clack." ;_;

Apologies to the people behind for forcing them to watch my spastic, arrhythmic dancing.

Laetitia Sadier, in all her Gallic cool, has got great moves (at one point
she even busted out some air guitar). Like, she could be a Pipette!

"Static Ecstatic" is about a "French prick(?) -- Nicolas Sarkozy."

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