Tuesday, January 27, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew - 3x02 "Fit Test"

In the spirit of SYTYCD recaps, behold some very late America's Best Dance Crew thoughts.

I'm sure that among the reality dance connoisseurs throughout the interwebs, it's already become a commonplace, but I must say it anyway: there's hardly any grandstanding from the judges, which is indescribably refreshing. The show focuses solely on the dancers, which is how a reality dance program ought to be.

Anyway, Beat Freaks and Strikers All-Stars were in top form for the Fit Challenge. Strikers brought the cutting energy that made their stepping snap, the six-long monkey-roll was insane, and the end pose was a perfectly light touch of creative humor. Meanwhile, Beat Freakz apparently have never played Wii Fit, but that didn't stop them from owning their 90(?) seconds onstage. The Beat Freak who took the lead has some deep reservoir of endurance.

Judging by the routines I've seen, Quest seem to be lesser than the sum of their parts, but this time, I agree with Shane -- their athleticism and playful ingeniousness shined through. I especially loved their Street Fighting pastiche.

After their first performance which involved a ladder, and their second which culminated with a military press (a meta-play on the military crawl?) and body slam into a table, I'm almost positive Ringmasters are pro wrestling fans.

Dynamic Edition: love their clogging, hate their name.

Indie rating: Safety Scissors - "Phone"

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