Friday, February 06, 2009

30 Rock - 3x10 "Generalissimo"

Let me return from my indefinite hiatus because last night's 30 Rock was at times impossibly funny. While I agree with a lot of folks who've been saying that this season has been bringing the lolz at a more depressed and corny pace than the mythical second season did, I think that after four very good episodes in a row (three of which were untouchable comedy godhead), it's safe to say that 30 Rock is back to being the only sitcom that matters.

(Note to people who've been bagging on Salma Hayek -- I guess we're looking at different parts of her, because I don't see her supposed deficiencies one bit.) (Though seriously, even ignoring the cleavage, nothing about her sticks out negatively.)

It was a great episode -- and I still missed a lot of lines. (For instance, what did Hector Moredo/the Generalissimo say (something about Patty Duke?) that prompts Jack to respond, "Wow, you really are strangely gay"?)

Jenna has been unbeatable this whole season -- I will kill someone if that Janis Joplin Janet Jopler movie is never made -- but she took a back seat in "Generalissimo," which belonged to Liz Lemon. For one, her wooden, evil laugh to send us to the commercial break had me in stitches (and was more of the physical comedy that Tina Fey's been doing lately -- see also the crazy bra lady from the previous episode) as she put the nefarious moves on the dreamy Don Draper hiding out as Dr. Baird. And Liz's fiendish plan at seducing Dr. Baird would've worked, too, if it weren't for that meddling dog! (Dig that meta joke.)

Throw in a roofied Tracy ("Now you can do anything you want to me"), the Generalissimo's ad-libbed immortality potion, and the Generalissimo's moustache, and we've got like five of the six sigmas right there.

Indie rating: Richard Pinhas & Merzbow - "Chaos Line"

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