Monday, February 16, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew - 3x05 "Illusion Challenge"


Y'alls know I've been loving the Freaks this whole season, but they threw down some real next level cheese at the rest of the crews/Quest. They got a break with their prop, no doubt -- the levitating ball gave them a lot of freedom in their routine to do pretty much what they wanted to do (assuming, as I am, that the ball was on a wire hanging from the rafters). However, they could have easily phoned in their routine instead of burning down the house, so any love their way is totally deserved.

And Shorty's windmill in time with the orbiting ball? THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT MAGIC.

Beat Freaks - Magic Challenge (27 MB)

I'm sure that I've seen Lil Mama's hat somewhere else -- or a reasonable facsimile of which -- sometime within the last three or four weeks, but I can't quite place it...



Oh, Mario Lopez, your hacky vacuousness is so deliciously apparent when you have to ad-lib:
"Beat Freaks! Trying to beat the competition, tonight!"
"Quest crew... are on a quest!"
"Fly Khicks! Showing us what they got." (Love how he doesn't even try to come up with one of his trademark bons mots here.)


Outtie! I mean, I was sure they'd be out this week!

Layla Kayleigh looks like the British Nicole Richie.


Indie rating: 浜田麻里 - "Aire Kaaiya (Assisted by Autechre)"

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The ghost of Aretha Past.