Monday, August 31, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew - 4x04 "Bollywood Challenge"

Is anyone underwhelmed with the season so far? I've found it incredibly uneven, with the choreography tepid as a rule. The closest routine that's been memorable was We Are Heroes' Beyonce challenge, which was pretty classic aside from the winceful booty-shaking, while everything else tops out at "nice," certainly nothing that's made me lose my mind.

Où sont les Beat Freaks d'antan?

Indie rating: The Raveonettes – "Last Dance"


momo said...

I must be easy to please because I'm enjoying it so far. No, no Beat Freaks, but a solid field. I think Massive Monkees was supposed to crush everyone, and so far they haven't. I'm rooting for Vogue Evolution just because, although I don't think they'll win--but Rhythm City won the Bollywood challenge. We Are Heroes shines in the subtleties and choreography--sometimes it looks as if they are strobing.
(My child is looking over my shoulder and editing my sentences: better than spell-check!)

Natalie said...

I feel like ABDC has an every-other-year thing going on. Loved watching Jabba. Didn't care for Season 2 and had to remind myself of who actually won. Loved the Beat Freaks and Quest. I'm watching this season, but only half-heartedly. I forget to DVR it most Sundays. Bollywood week was pretty good though. The PCD were present.

Margot said...

I'm underwhelmed too, although I liked this week overall the most so far. Probably because I like Bollywood. And it was nice to see Nakul, and to know that Tabitha and Napoleon are working with the crews a lot. I guess we should be thankful for that - it could be worse! Hey Mark Kanemura fans - he's be performing with Lady Gaga on the VMAs! Don't miss it! :D

Margot said...

LOL momo I needed your kid's help on that last one :D

Leee said...

ABDC -- it's the reverse Star Trek!

The Enforcer said...

Good lord, I am bored with this season. Snore!

Bring on the new season of SYTYCD!