Sunday, August 09, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Finale Fun

After the last interview of the night -- Jeanine! who by then was more than ready to hit the after-party -- I was headed out of Hollywood and Highland (i.e. the shopping center where the Kodak Theatre is located), and riding down the elevator to the underground parking lot, I struck up a conversation with a reporter from, I believe, FOX All-Access. We made small-talk about whom we both managed to interview, especially if she got to talk with Nigel (sadly, I missed my chance, again). Among the other passengers, a young girl overheard us, and as she was getting off at her floor, she said in parting, "You know, Janette is waiting in line at Johnny Rockets. You should take a picture with her, she's really nice." I turned to the FOX reporter. "It's like I got 'Janette Fan' written all over me." So, on I went to look for Johnny Rockets.

I didn't take long to find the burger restaurant and quickly saw Janette sitting in a booth with about four other people. I had some minor qualms about interrupting her while she was eating, but I was in a giddy, selfish mood, and started waving at her like we were old acquaintances, trying to catch her attention. As that young girl in the elevator said, Janette was extremely nice and accommodating while I introduced myself and gushed about how she was easily my favorite dancer of the season, how her tango with Brandon was hot stuff and how the Wade piece makes me grin like an idiot, all leading up to a request for a picture. Of course! she said. She'll just get her sister to take the camera... A little part of me wanted to die: she was eating with her family. But just like her, they were all exceptionally nice and apparently not put out, because after I got my pic, Janette's mom asked to take a picture of me and her daughter too. (I recognized her brother, too, who has posted to her thread on Idolforums.) We chatted some more. I said I was looking forward to seeing her on tour. She'd look for me in the audience (cheeky!).

I left her and her family to their dinner... except that as I was headed out, I saw another group of people approach her booth, not to mention another young girl standing outside in line who saw me gushing inside who asked me if Janette was someone famous. "In my heart, she is," I answered, which was both corny and wholly unsatisfying to the girl. OK, fine: "She was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance." And the girl yelled out to a friend, "There's someone famous in there!" I don't know if that girl and her friends decided to accost Janette, too, but my giddiness at having met my favorite dancer has since been chastened by worries that I might've inconvenienced her and her family's night.

Also, I've decided never to smile again in pictures.


Indie rating: Cat Power – "Lord, Help the Poor and Needy"


Sasha Liz said...

That's awesome! No, don't stop smiling :)

demondoll said...

It's very fine! And Sasha Liz is right, you keep that smile coming-

Natalie said...

If you stop smiling, I'll be forced to stop reading your blog. That is all.