Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Finale Backstage Videos -- UPDATED

Cross-posted with Social, videos below the jump.

Jeanine Mason

Brandon Bryant
Technical difficulties prevented me from shooting the whole thing -- I'm working on getting something up in its place.
Update 2009-8-15: Here's the footage that I managed to take; I was reluctant to release it at first because I missed out on some of the best parts, but yeah, here it is.

Evan Kasprzak

Kayla Radomski

Cat Deeley

Lil C

Shane Sparks

(I should've known that the one dancer he would've wanted to work with was Chbeeb, who made Shane cry in a season 3 audition.)

Adam Shankman

Indie rating: Gong – "Love Is How y Make It"


momo said...

Leee, thank you so much for posting your videos! it's great to see all of these characters in a format that's not edited by the show. It makes me appreciate even more how hard they work at the press stuff as well as all the dancing, competing, etc. thanks for asking Jeanine that question about the judges remarks. She was super diplomatic (good job!) and you managed not to use the word "pervy."

Spot said...

Job well done Leee (especially in light of the fact that it was your first time at the rodeo). You've definitely got more nerve that I could muster. Curious, did the behind the scenes experience have a positive or negative impact on how you view SYTYCD?

Leee said...

Momo, Spot, thanks.

As to your question, Spot, positive, easily. For the judges (those whom I spoke to, anyway), they all seemed to genuinely believe what they say on air, if not as obviously enthusiastic in the way the say it. The dancers, meanwhile, seemed much more relaxed and easy-going, even when I had a camera in their faces, and, obviously, became much more flesh-and-blood people to me than just contestants on a reality program. In both cases, it was much more like having a real dialogue, instead of the one-way discourse you get from only the show.

Margot said...

oh my gosh I didn't realize that was your Lil C vid! I re-posted it last night and gushed all over it! He's soooooo sweet. And Jeanine needs to get over here and hang out with me RIGHT NOW!!!

Beckylooo said...

My internet is so screwed these days so the videos are taking eighteen years to load but I did manage to get all the way through Cat (TOO BRIEF! WANT MORE) and I want to go to that 4th of July BBQ! Beers with Cat! Indeed.

Thanks Leee.

Anonymous said...

hey wen r u going to post yur segments from your interview with brandon? great interviews btw.